What’s in my Bag

I’m actually surprised that i’ve never done one of these types of posts before. I was at home a few nights ago and I just suddenly though of doing a what’s in my bag/ daily essentials blog post. So as well as the things in my bag, I’ll be telling you what my daily essentials … More What’s in my Bag

2018 August Favourites

As it’s been quite a few months since my last favourites post I thought it was about time I made one, they’re going to be a monthly thing, that i’ll be posting on the first weekend of every month (from now on). Anyway, these are my August favourites. Balenciaga Speed Trainer  I actually got these … More 2018 August Favourites

Summer 18 Wishlist

I know I make a lot of wishlists however, the last one was back in January and there are so many new things that are constantly coming out. Plus I think it’s quite cool to be able to look back and see how my style and taste has changed over time. I’m also going to … More Summer 18 Wishlist

Travel Bucket List

Hi, this is going to be a slightly different type of post because I’m doing a travel collab with Chloe Burford, who is a great lifestyle blogger and her photography is amazing! I will be discussing the top 5 places I want to visit and Chloe will be talking about her 5 favourite places she has … More Travel Bucket List

Where have I been?

Hi, I know it’s been almost 4 months since my last post, so where have I been? In all honesty, I haven’t been anywhere, however I’ve been struggling to write posts – I actually have quite a few drafts of potential blog posts that I started to write but stopped because nothing of much substance … More Where have I been?